Coaches Corner Face Lift!!

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Coaches Corner Face Lift!!

Post by GCC Admin » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:17 pm

Hey Folks,
The old Coaches Corner site was in dire need of a face lift. As most of you know it was very difficult to get a new account activation due to the hundreds of spam accounts everyday(primarily from over seas). In creating this new site I have decided to start with a fresh database which means you will have to create a new username. By doing this it gets rid of those embedded spam accounts. Here are some highlights of this new site.

  • This is the most up to date version of this bulletin board
New Accounts....
  • When you create an account you will receive an email to activate your account
  • I have a firewall installed on this new site and currently have everything outside the United States blocked
  • I will be working to add other styles to the site
Tournament Directors...
  • Let me know once you create your username and I will set you up in your section
I plan to leave the old site up for a bit if there is something there that you want to save.

GCC Admin (AKA Coach David)

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