Sharing Smiles, Gamelike Lessons, Team Camp

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Sharing Smiles, Gamelike Lessons, Team Camp

Post by bsimpson » Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:32 pm

A Thought For Tuesday

Bobby Simpson June 8, 2021 Copyright Higher Ground 2021
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As the year ended, my third grade grandson’s teacher at Hancock Day School let her students write a short message on an autograph page to each classmate. One of Ryves’ (Reeves) friends wrote, “You are very funny and can always put a smile on my face.” As a grandfather and a former teacher, I was very pleased with his grades, but I valued the classmate’s words even more than a letter or number related to academics. Our world is in dire need of more smiles and I am so proud of Ryves for always sharing his. I once read that the word smiles is the longest word in our language, since there is a mile between the first and last letter. Definitely corny, but I do know that a smile is one of the most needed items in our world. I often tell coaches and athletes that smiles can actually create confidence, trust, and the looseness needed for successful actions. Try it sometime whenever you are discouraged, frustrated, tense, or fearful. Even more, if you intentionally share your smile with someone else in mind, you will reap awesome personal benefits. Promise yourself today to find a tired grocery clerk, a first responder, a struggling teammate, a young mother managing multiple toddlers, or a hurting patient at the doctor’s office and share your smiles with them. The gift you share is simple and free, but oh so valuable. You know, we can learn so much from third graders. Thanks, Ryves. You are such a good teacher.

When they were discouraged, I smiled and that encouraged them and lightened their spirits. Job 29:24 TLB


PLAN NOW FOR OUR DYNAMIC 2021 TEAM CAMP: We are excited to announce that we will return on July 19-21 (M-W) to Pooler/Savannah, GA to conduct our very popular annual team camp. A limited number of individuals will also be accepted. Uniquely developed for high school and middle school teams, as well as travel teams of similar ages, you will again receive dynamic morning instruction, followed by two afternoon games for all teams. You learn from exceptional instructors with broad experiences at all levels of the game, including international and collegiate coaching and/or playing. You will improve your Mental, Visual, and Physical skills while utilizing Reality Based Training. Contact us NOW for details.

JOIN ME NOW FOR REALITY BASED LESSONS: Join Bobby Simpson face-to-face for hitting or mental performance lessons. You benefit from dynamic Reality Based Training that allows you to improve game performance instead of simply looking good in practice. Lessons allow you to grow Mental, Visual, and Physical skills and you acquire high levels of self-trust and decision-making during games. I have been working with serious players in softball and baseball for over forty years and would love to discuss your needs. We also have limited slots available for dynamic Team Mental Clinics, conducted through challenging physical activity, and Zoom mental lessons for pitching. Contact me now to start planning your personal journey to success.

Bobby Simpson Founder of Getting Better Every Day, Inc., dba/Higher Ground; International softball clinician, with experience in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, USA, and U.S. Virgin Islands; Head Coach of British Women's Fastpitch National Team (2001-2004), Gold Medal winner of 2004 Olympic Test Event in Greece; Former coach for Dutch and Greek National Teams; Former pro (K.C. Royals Baseball Academy) and college (Florida State) baseball coach; Author of Improved Hitting For Girls Softball, plus author, instructor, or producer of more than 125 magazine articles (SOFTBALL Magazine Staff Contributing Editor), coaching manuals, and instructional DVD's.

Bobby Simpson

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